Shockingly, a daycare in Rhode Island closed for the day and left a 9-month-old locked inside. The mom arrived at the daycare to see it locked and her baby inside crying. With the help of a neighbor they broke into the daycare and were able to get the baby.

The daycare is under is under probation for what happened.

The day care owner, Jessica Faiola, says the child’s mother did not sign the baby in when she dropped him off. She calls it a “crazy mistake” and doesn’t want to point fingers.

What threw me for a loop was when the daycare owner said that the oversight happened because the mom forgot to sign the baby in that morning. Whether or not the mom signed in the baby, there should be a walkthrough of the daycare at the end of the day to make sure that all children have left and the place is secure. Someone had to have taken care of the baby that day, so they knew he was there- even though he was not signed in. The fault lies in the daycare and not the mom.

Source: Associated Press