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Sesame Street On PBS Kids

PBS announced they will be airing 30 minute episodes of Sesame Street during the afternoon.  Don’t worry!  The regular one hour episodes are not going away.   These 30 minute afternoon episodes will be in addition to those morning airings.    PBS said that they would like to reach more children and their families so that more children can receive that positive impact of viewing the program.    Along with airing on television, the 30 minute Sesame Street will be available in entirety on, the PBS Kids Video App, and the PBS Kids Roku channel.   The 30 minute episode videos will all be for free on these formats.

Much of what Sesame Street teaches will all be condensed into the shorter 30 minute episodes.   Viewers will still get an opportunity to view many of the segments that are part of longer hour format.    The press release say that the 30 minute episodes will include “Street Story”, “Word on the Street”, “Cookies Crumby Pictures” or “Super Grover 2.0”

This is a great opportunity for young children that are not able to watch the program in the morning.  When they come home from school or daycare they can watch and benefit from the lessons taught on Sesame Street.

The first airing of the 30 minute afternoon Sesame Street episodes will be September 1st.   Even if you miss it, you can still watch it online or on any of the other delivery methods.