The America Academy for the Deaf has recently launched an online program so that students can learn virtually.   During the pandemic, the need for virtual learning opportunities has grown.    Even as some may have reestablished themselves in the classroom, they may also choose online learning for some topics or subjects.    Students that are deaf or have another hearing impairment will have this online option to aid in their education.

According to a press from the American Academy for the deaf:

To best fit the needs of each student, the Online Academy will be a flexible program. For some students, it will be their primary source of education, while for others, it may supplement a student’s current educational programs. Through the Online Academy, students can experience more varied course offerings, interact with new peers, and explore language opportunities—all from the comfort of home. Tutoring may also be provided to help students excel in their current educational coursework.

You can visit the American Academy for the Deaf’s Online Academy to register or obtain additional information.