Recently a celebrity couple welcomed their first child into the world.  News starting swirling about the lavish nursery that the new baby would have.   Included in the nursery would be two different cribs, if the news reports are actually true.  One is an acrylic crib that is said to be worth close to $3,500.  Now that price is not too much for two music superstars, but that is a lot more all the baby gear that average parents would have for their new  baby.     A parent may be able to find an acrylic crib that is a little less than the $3,500 price tag, but don’t expect a rock bottom price.   Acrylic cribs are unique and not as widely available as other baby  cribs so the uniqueness does add a higher price tag.     They are a more modern look that not all parents will want, but each parent may want a unique look for baby’s nursery.   As we have said before on for years, each person should create a functional necessary that meets their individual needs and styles.   Why not?  You will be the one that will see the nursery every day, and you and should make it something that you and your baby will enjoy.