According to an article by the Dayton Daily News many more parents are looking for sophisticated baby nurseries that can grow with the child and is gender neutral.  The article states that many moms and dads are getting way from cutesy nurseries like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.  Although there are nursery trends that do not include cartoon characters and cutesy figures, many parents are still drawn to those elements.  Both types of baby nurseries can beautiful and still fit the tastes of parents.    Also, although parents may have their baby’s nursery decorated without the characters and more sophisticated, as children get older they may want to have those cutesy characters in their rooms.  There are teens and tweens that love characters like Tweety, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Hello Kitty.  You can also find the opposite to be true.  A may have the nursery decorated with cutesy characters, but as the child ages he or she many like more solid patterns and colors that does  look sophisticated and more mature.   

Both of the sophisticated and cutesy nurseries can be gender neutral.  Many baby bedding and nursery décor designers realize that parents would like a baby nursery that can used for several different children over the years.  They, therefore, have created baby bedding that can be used for a baby boy or a girl.  Of course you can always find baby girl crib bedding that has the more feminine look and baby boy crib bedding that has a traditionally masculine look.   The choices of baby bedding and baby nurseries is up to the parents and what they want.  There is baby nursery décor and bedding to fit about every single taste.