A truly miraculous pregnancy and birth happened when a baby was delivered at 32 weeks after growing outside his mother’s uterus.  Nicky Soto was told when she was 18 months pregnant that the baby was not growing in her uterus and that it was definite risk to her life and the life of her unborn son.  The mom decided to continue on with the pregnancy and remained in the hospital until her son, Azelan Cruz Perfecto,was born via cesarean section on May 23rd.   A team of 25 medical staff members were there to help for all foreseeable and unforeseeable complications.

Baby Azelan weighed 2 lbs. 24 oz at birth and according to his doctors he does not have any major complications.  It surprised members of his medical team how well he actually was at birth.

This is certainly a rare occurrence, but this is not the first time that a baby was born after gestating outside the womb.  In 2003 a mother in Canada gave birth via C-section to a baby boy that had grown outside her uterus    Two years after that another Canadian mother gave birth via C-section to a baby girl that had grown outside of her uterus.  A similar miracle happened to a British woman whose baby boy grew outside the womb and was successfully delivered via C-section in 2008.

According to Dr. Robert Sabbah of Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Canada, 1 in 10,000 pregnancies are abdominal pregnancies and 99 % of those pregnancy end in fetal death.   The fact that there are cases that actually end with a healthy baby and mother is a definite miracle.