Big Bird has become more a part of the political campaign than the folks at Sesame Street would like.   It is no secret that some political candidates have proposed cutting funding for PBS, which distributes Sesame Street through its local stations in the United States.   This has been a hot topic for several years now.    Now that topic was reintroduced during the first presidential debate between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Romney said that he loves Big Bird, but would want to cut funding to PBS as part of his fiscal plan to stop borrowing money from China.  Of course that brought a lot of reactions in favor and against, which is not surprising.   Now, the Obama campaign released a video that mocked Romney’s plans to cut funding to PBS.  The folks at Sesame Workshop were not too happy about the ad because they did not want Big Bird or anything related to Sesame Street to be used in any political campaign.   They wanted everyone to know that they are bipartisan and do not support any party or candidate.   That is logical for a show that is meant for little ones that are way too young to vote.  Big Bird is not worried about budgets; the only number he is concerned about is the number of the day.

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