The Britney Bashing continuees

PITY poor, pregnant pop tart Britney Spears. Madame Tussauds has jumped on the Britney-bashing bandwagon with a sexy, skinny wax likeness of the singer – cheekily dubbed “vintage” in contrast to her current frazzled, curler-wearing look. The museum also kicked off a marketing blitz imploring fans to sign petitions to save the Louisiana native “from herself, from her husband and from her relentless fertility.” Ouch! In another kick below the mom-to-be’s burgeoning belt, Tussauds is begging Brit to bring back the “happier times” when she was “single, sexy and svelte.”

Source New York Post

I have never been a huge Britney Spears fan; she captured the young teen and pre-teen audience and I was a young adult at the time. That being said, I do not feel anyone has the right to bash a mother and pregnant woman about her appearance. She has a son that is not even a year and now she is pregnant. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Give her a chance to just be a mom and be pregnant. When she is doing something to endanger her children, something should definately be said. The situation of her figure ,or any pregnant woman’s figure ,should be left alone.

Ladies enjoy being Moms and enjoy being pregnant.!! 🙂