In the United States, the rate of C-sections has grown higher that most would want at 34%. This increase in C-sections has been attributed to many factors, but many would agree that the number could be less. It was surprising to see that China is facing C-section numbers that even higher than those in the United States. A MSNBC online article states that the rate of C-section in China is 46.2% for the country, while the city of Beijing saw %51 of its deliveries being done by C-section.

Those numbers have even the naïve thinking that something is significantly wrong. There is no way that so many C-sections could have been medically necessary. The article says that women who are laboring too long in some of the Chinese hospitals are hurriedly given a C-section. There are also incidences where C-sections are performed for the convenience of the mother because she is too afraid of the pain to go into labor or she wants her baby to be born before a certain date so he will not be held back another year for school.