I was watching the new show, “Raising Sextuplets”, and was just so overwhelmed watching this couple deal with 6 toddlers all at once. I know that the show is an altered version of “John and Kate Plus 8”, but I watched anyway. It is amazing that the parents of “Raising Sextuplets” have lives outside of the home. The mom is a physician assistant and is also training to run a marathon. The dad is employed fulltime and is going back to school.

I don’t know their names and what the dad does for a living because this was my first time watching. It wasn’t something that I planned on watching, but I just stopped there because I had nothing better to watch at the time.

I do wonder how they keep their home so clean and neat with 6 kids. All the reality television parents have such neat and tidy homes. Is it for the cameras or do they keep their homes tidy even when filming is not occurring?