All across the globe in industrialized nations there has been a rise in multiple births and pregnancies.   Advance maternal age at time of conception and fertility treatment contributes to the rise in multiple births.  

Canadian officials have seen that there is a need to institute new policies in monitoring the pregnancies of twins.  Although twins are double the blessing, there are additional possible complications that can arise from having more than one baby in the womb.  The Montreal Gazette has reported ont the new guidelines for twin pregnancies.

“Ultrasound is the only safe and reliable method for the diagnosis and assessment of twins,” said Dr. Lucie Morin, co-author of the clinical guidelines in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

“A woman carrying twins cannot simply be treated as one woman with two single pregnancies. Special monitoring and followup are required, particularly in the last three months of the pregnancy.”

With monitoring of twin pregnancies early intervention including bedrest and early delivery of the unborn babies can help the twins that may be facing problems in the womb.