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Elmo Potty Time Video a Toddler Inspiration

Speaking from experience, Elmo’s Potty Time video clip on YouTube is a great inspirational video for toddlers. Now, I am not saying that your toddler will instantly be potty trained after watching the clip, but I do think that it can be a motivator to try the potty. Some parents may notice that the YouTube …

Elmo Sesame Street

And the 6 Emmys Goes To…Sesame Street

Once again, Sesame Street received multiple Emmy wins and came out on top among the children programming.     The show won in multiple categories and took home 6 Emmy awards.     Although that is an impressive number, that is one less than last year, which has one less than what they earned in 2011. This year the …

Bert Elmo Ernie

Pigeons, Burts Fluttering Friends

Pigeons are a favorite type of bird for Bert.   In fact, he has a pet bird that he calls Bernice.   In Bert’s mind Bernice can do many different things and has talents far beyond the average bird.  Whether or not that is true,  we do know that pigeons have many great and unique traits. Pigeon …

Elmo Murray

Elmo and Murray Visit the National Parks

Although it is not currently in any of the Sesame Street episodes, you can watch videos of Elmo and Murray visiting some United States National Parks.  The purpose is to get children and their parents interested in exploring the parks in person. Several of these videos of Elmo and Murray are available online at the …