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Huge Rubber Duck Explodes

Maybe we should cover Ernie’s eyes and ears before continuing on with this story.    A huge rubber duck that has been touring the globe ripped and deflated in Taiwan .  This giant duck was the creation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.  Although he is 36 years old-old, he seems to be a kid at heart. …

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Pigeons, Burts Fluttering Friends

Pigeons are a favorite type of bird for Bert.   In fact, he has a pet bird that he calls Bernice.   In Bert’s mind Bernice can do many different things and has talents far beyond the average bird.  Whether or not that is true,  we do know that pigeons have many great and unique traits. Pigeon …

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Sesame Street Live Show Touring Australia

Australian families are now being entertained by live performances of Sesame Street Muppets.   Late March, Sesame Street began a live tour of Australia with performances throughout the country.   It was announced last year that Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour would begin March of this year and has dates scheduled until June 2012.  This live …