Parenting as Life Marches On

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Abby Cadabby’s Parents’ Divorce to Help Young Children

Over the years Sesame Street has taken difficult subjects and broken them down to a level that young children can understand.   Sesame Street not only teaches the core academic subjects, they also work with the social and emotional development of the child.   This includes helping parents and children discuss difficult complicated topics.  Sometimes it may …

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Sesame Street and USO Experience for Military Families Asking for Tour Bus Name Suggestions

Sesame Street and USO Experience for Military Families is beginning their 6th tour to military families. The tour offers free Sesame Street entertainment to military families. On the tour children are entertained by Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, Rosita, and Katie. While traveling to many of their destination the tour uses a bus and on …

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Sesame Place Opening Day Brings New Elmo Ride and Sesame Street Parade.

April 30th is the official opening day for Sesame Place’s 2011 season.  Sesame Place is a Sesame Street themed park that has several different activities and rides for children and family.  This new season brings with it a new Elmo themed family ride.    Elmo’s Cloud Chaser will be the newest addition to the Elmo’s World …