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Elmo Sesame Street

And the 6 Emmys Goes To…Sesame Street

Once again, Sesame Street received multiple Emmy wins and came out on top among the children programming.     The show won in multiple categories and took home 6 Emmy awards.     Although that is an impressive number, that is one less than last year, which has one less than what they earned in 2011. This year the …

Sesame Street

Incarceration Tackled by Sesame Street

When a parent has to serve time imprisoned for the crimes that they have committed, they are not the only ones that feel the impact of their incarceration.   Family members have to deal with the situation and the changes that bring.   For adults that whole situation can be difficult, but for children it can completely …

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Comics Now Available

Sesame Street comics were released by Ape Entertainment on May 1st.   These colorful comics are created for young children.      There was also a free Sesame Street comic book given out on May 4th for Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day is annual event that consists of many comic book stores around the globe …