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Elmo T.M.X Toys

T.M.X Elmo Product Description

“T.M.X.” Elmo will tickle America’s funny bone with three interactive tickle spots on his chin, tummy or toe. When kids tickle Elmo once on any of the tickle spots, he starts to laugh and slap his leg twice, then falls down into a sitting position and rocks himself back up to standing while laughing. When …


5 days until Elmo T.M.X

It is 5 days until Elmo T.M.X. is released. There is a lot of anticipation until the new Elmo is unveiled for public eyes to see. Preorders of . Elmo T.M.X has beed made several months ago. “This is something that the toy industry needs…excitement and total innovation. Elmo coming back like this on his …

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Elmo T.M.X preorder

The toy industry will reveal at its annual trade show starting Feb. 12 that the new Elmo’s name is T.M.X., a nod to his moniker Tickle Me Elmo, as well as his 10th birthday. The plush toy will cost about $40, compared with his previous recommended retail of $29.99. He will require six AA batteries …