The light pastels and traditional look of most nursery decor didn’t appeal to Melissa Van Flandern when she was pregnant.

She yearned for modern colors and contemporary nursery design but compensated by painting the walls a vivid lime green and covering the floors with red, fuchsia and orange carpet.

Her friends teased, “Is (the baby) going to be able to sleep in this room?”

But now, more than two years later, walk into tottini, the children’s store Van Flandern and business partner Melissa Maffei opened this month, and you’ll see brushstrokes of vibrant colors contrasting sharply with the modern space, and brands like ducduc, the Netto Collection and Argington.

A back wall boasts a saturated orange color, a sleek crib features bedding in deep browns, reds and greens normally reserved for adults, and bold, graphic Angela Adams rugs dot the concrete floor.

“That’s why I love what we have,” Van Flandern said. “It makes a statement.”

Urban parents are more finicky than ever about creating nurseries as modern as the rest of their homes, and a recent surge in modern design for kids has accommodated their tastes.

Source: Times Leader

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