Some tests have become standard for pregnant moms and have become part of the normal prenatal visits.   Recently, adding lead testing to one of the routine tests was considered.  Instead of deciding to test all pregnant women, a Rueters on Yahoo article reports that the ACOG   recommended that that women be screened for their risk of lead exposure and those that are high risk should be given the blood test.

Those that that do test high for lead can take different supplements like calcium and iron to prevent the absorption of much of the lead.    Lead exposure to babies and children can lead to many different health problems, including low IQ.  Although they children are not routinely checked for lead,  parents are given lead risk questionnaires when they go to the pediatrician.  Those that are high risk are given a blood test to find out if they have harmful lead exposure.   This seems to be the same way that ACOG would like handle lead testing in pregnant women.