Dora the Explorer and several of her friends from Nickelodeon have teamed up for some special voyages through the Bahamas and Europe. These family friendly excursions offer a unique opportunity for kids and parents to meet their favorite Nickelodeon characters in person as they travel through some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Nickelodeon characters will be available for several different activities, including games and special episode premieres on board.

Breakfast with Dora

Every morning guests will have an opportunity to dine with characters from popular Nickelodeon television programs. Dora the Explorer will be on hand to take pictures with each family in the dining room. This slow paced environment is a perfect way for everyone to spend some time with their favorite character during the natural course of the meal. The characters wander through the room, going from table to table to meet with guests and introduce themselves. Guests can attend the character breakfasts every morning of their cruise for the best opportunity to meet their favorite characters. Dora will also have a chance to sign autographs for her fans while she visits them during breakfast.

Other Nickelodeon Characters On Board

Dora the Explorer is not the only character that will be featured on each cruise. Spongebob Squarepants and his sidekick Patrick will also be on board, as well as many other popular Nickelodeon characters. There are several opportunities to meet different characters, including informal meetings around the ship. The Nickelodeon themed cruises are designed to give guests the most possible access to the characters from Nickelodeon. Featured characters will be available at certain times throughout the ship, and there will be scheduled opportunities to interact with each popular character every day of the voyage.

Nickelodeon Themed Activities

Nickelodeon cruises are completely based on the type of fun activities that the network features regularly. There are game shows that involve getting slimed and performing unusual Nickelodeon style challenges, a special Nickelodeon Sailaway, and individual parties that feature Nickelodeon decorations and characters. Every member of the family has an opportunity to get slimed, which is a necessity during a Nickelodeon event. Guests will also have a chance to watch screenings of brand new Nickelodeon programs that are not available for viewing anywhere else. A Nickelodeon themed Norwegian Cruise includes everything you can imagine if the world of Nickelodeon came to life on board a cruise ship.