We know that the Dora is a very active little girl.  For someone that goes on so many adventures over the last 10 years, she obviously enjoys going out and moving around.    One of the activities that we have seen Dora do is play soccer.  She has both played the game herself and watched others play.

Soccer is a popular sport in Latin America and other parts of the world.    Around the world, it ranks as the most popular sport.  It may already be popular in your home too.

Soocer Ball for International CountriesChildren can be inspired to get up and play the game.  Knowing that one of the favorite preschool characters also likes it may be an inspiration.   You do not have to go run out and get Dora soccer balls, and soccer cleats, but you can definitely have a lot of fun.   Even if it just you and your child in the backyard or a field, there are going to be some fun moments.

There are also local recreational centers that offer team soccer for children.  The YMCA, city or county recreation centers, schools, and some private organizations offer recreational and competitive soccer.

No matter where you decide to play soccer, the most important thing is to have lots of fun and stay active.   Doing activities that show getting out and moving can be fun will, hopefully, be something that children will take into adulthood.  We know that being physically active cuts down on obesity and all the related health problems that go along with it.

If you can use Dora to bring some fun into staying active with your kids, then Vamanos, let’s go!