TomTom is a popular GPS system.  An audible voice gives people directions to their destination.   TomTom comes with several preinstalled voices.  Users can add different voices to their TomTom, they can even create their navigation voice for their TomTom.

Dora the Explorer is now one the voices that users can add to their TomTom Navigation system.  Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants voices are available for purchase at $12.95.There are also start-up images, one of Dora and another of SpongeBob SquarePants, that are available for free.  The images and voices are available at the TomTom website.

Dora and SpongeBob are not the first characters to give voices to navigation.  Homer Simpson of the Simpsons animated television season lends his voice to the navigate travelers on the TomTom system.   Some other characters and celebrity personalities have recorded their voice for TomTom and other GPS.   You can ride along with David Hasselhoff and Mr.T.

While Mr. T would be great for older audiences, Dora would probably appeal more to moms and dads that want to provide a little entertainment to their preschoolers.