Dora the Explorer will be floating high this Thanksgiving.

The adventure-loving, Latina heroine Dora the Explorer™ returns to the Macy’s Parade this Thanksgiving for a high-flying expedition as the Nickelodeon heroine prepares to celebrate her 10-year anniversary next year. As always, Dora will be waving ¡Hola! to the crowds on her way to 34th Street along with her trusty friends Backpack and Map. Filled with 14,250 cubic feet of helium, Dora measures 43.5-feet in length, 39-feet in width and 55-feet tall. A skilled explorer, Dora will lead her team of balloon handlers to Macy’s Herald Square, where she will be sure to exclaim, We did it! ¡Lo Hicimos! at the end of her journey.

You can tune in to NBC at 9a.m. to watch the parade and see all ther floats, balloons-including the large balloon of Dora the Explorer.