Several new games featuring Dora the Explorer and Diego for Wii™ system, Nintendo DS™ system, and the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment systems are being added to some of the popular games now available. Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, Dora’s Cooking Club, Go, Diego, Go! Mega Bloks Build & Rescue are three games are three games created with preschoolers in mind.

In Dora’s Cooking Club, the most endearing character in preschool television will take her cooking skills to the Nintendo DS in her first video game incorporating a Pre-K through Kindergarten math curriculum. Gamers will chop, measure, stir and sprinkle in over thirty cooking games to create tasty treats including pizza, enchiladas and yogurt and berry Fruit Fiestas. The game will track the player’s progress and allow parents to check their child’s advancement in curriculum types including numbers, counting, shapes, patterns and measurement.

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, based on Dora’s 10th Anniversary special televised event, follows Dora and Boots on their biggest adventure yet as they try to find their way out of Storybook Land to make it to Dora’s big birthday celebration. Nintendo DS players will trace, tap, shout and scribble their way through challenges such as riding a unicorn over the rainbow and floating in a magic bubble across Sea Snake Lake.

Diego fans will be shouting “Al rescate! To the rescue!” as Diego and Baby Jaguar join forces with Mega Bloks for the very first time in a video game in Go,
Diego, Go! Mega Bloks Build & Rescue for Nintendo DS. In this building block adventure, Diego must rescue lost animals and build homes for them in habitats ranging from the savannah to undersea coral reefs. To do so, young gamers must collect Mega Bloks to build construction tools and rescue vehicles including submarines, hang gliders, off-road trucks and snowmobiles.