Sesame Street does not create its educational content by accident.  That work requires a lot research from knowledgeable experts.  One expert, Dr. Gerald S. Lesser, had been advising Sesame Street on what preschoolers needed to learn since its inception.  Sesame Street was created to help bridge the educational divide that separated low-income students from their middle income counterparts as they started school.  Dr. Lesser was one the researches that help to develop education cotent for both the academic and social needs of preschool that watch Sesame Street.   He  worked on Sesame Street while continuing to be a professor at Harvard University.   

Dr. Lesser passed away at the age of 84 on September 23, 2010.   He and those at Sesame Street have had a major impact with on children across the globe.  He leaves behind a lasting legacy that has impacted generations of children.  

Source: The New York Times