Elmo is a very friendly little monster so it is no surprise he has become part of a community where he can be with lots of friends. Elmo is on Facebook and has thousands of fans that just want to stay connected to the little furry monster from Sesame Street. There is no word on how this little 3 ½ year-old was able to get his own Facebook page, but if you have been 3 since the 80s.

Of course, the Elmo page may not actually be an official Sesame Street Workshop page. Fans are able to create their own pages for celebrities and notable figures and it looks like one Elmo fan may have created their own. In fact, there are several pages dedicated to Elmo that are created by his adoring fans.

A lot of people really do adore Elmo and that is not too hard to imagine. He is adorable and that laugh is purely contagious. Every toy created in the likeness of Elmo has that laugh that puts a smile that is a mile long across your face. Little children like him because he is a little kid himself. And it is so cool to watch a toddler or preschooler when they watch Elmo on television for the first time. They are usually glued to the television and don’t want to move. Parents also like Elmo and that makes viewing Sesame Street great for everyone. Everyone wants to be a friend of Elmo; including on Facebook.