Once again Elmo has captivated the minds of countless children and parents. What would Christmas be without Elmo is what I would like to know? There are so many Elmo products available it is hard for any parent or child to choose. But we do, we have to.

There are Elmo Stockings
Elmo couches
Elmo Shirts
Elmo Dolls

Well, the list can do on and on. And it does. I do have 0ne big question? Where are all the Tickle Me Elmos? What has happened to all the Tickle Me Elmos? Are they all for sale on ebay?

Oh.., all the possible stories that can be told about how a parent was able to obtain Tickle me Elmo for their children. I do hope they are all legal. Well, if they are not, just ommit the parts that may lead to a felony conviction.

Yes, I kid because I care. I love Elmo too. But, lets just all enjoy this Christmas and the memories of Christmas past. It’s about the love and warm memories.