Elmo’s Coloring Book

Bridgeport, CT
June 8, 2006 -June 11, 2006
Arena at Harbor Yard

Feeling blue? How about mellow yellow or red-hot? Colors evoke many emotions, but what would happen if they all disappeared? Elmo and friends join Professor Art and his helpers, the Palettes, as they travel into their drawings to ancient Egypt, the land of the dinosaurs, and a very musical junkyard.

The colors begin to vanish as the characters perform an array of musical numbers including, “Fuzzy and Blue,” “Red-Hot Tango,” and “Yellow Polka.” Along the way, they learn the importance of sharing, diversity and acceptance of others – even those with no color at all.
Bert, Big Bird, Ernie, Elmo, Oscar, Grover, Cookie Monster, Zoe, Rosita, Count Von Count, Prairie Dawn, Baby Bear, Telly Monster, Rosita, Honker, and introducing Professor Art, the Palettes, and Blanche the Polar Bear.

Source,Sesame Street Live