I have seen many stories and read many stories of births not going as moms had planned. Just because you were not able to have the natural birth that you had planned does not make you less of a woman. Embrace the child that God has blessed you with. If you were are able to have a happy and healthy child enjoy the happy and healthy moments with that child and spend times making more joyful and beautiful moments together. Each day with your baby is a gift from God and you should treasure those days.

Some births do go way differently from what you predicted would have happened. It can be a disappointment, but the birth does not determine the relationship and moments you and your child will experience. There are adopted moms that may not have been a part of the birth that can still experience the love and joy of their child. It is not how you child came into the world that matters. It is about developing the connection with your child and spending the quality time with your child that creates the bond.