SmileyFaceImageMaybe I am wrong, but this season of Sesame Street appears to have more of the older characters appearing on the screen.    I have to admit that this is one of the better seasons of Sesame Street.    Sesame Street has always been a good television show.   But a show that has been running for over 40 years has to have some seasons that are much better than others.     This season falls on the side of the better ones.

One of the things that I enjoy is seeing more of the characters that I grew up watching.   Cookie Monster, Grover and Oscar the Grouch seem to be getting more camera time.  Although they have been on the program in recent years, their time highlights more of the character, than having them support another character.    Their segments also present some valuable educational items in an entertaining way.

Parent that watch a program will also like to enjoy the show and know that their child is also learning.   I am enjoying watching the program with more children these days.  This growth in fondness may because I am enjoying seeing some of my old childhood Monster on the screen.   It is nice to see them in scenes that really highlight the great aspects of their personality.