New FDA warnings have parents rethinking how to sooth the gums of their teething baby. You can watch two newly released videos that warn parents about using over the counter medication and teething jewelry to help relieve irritated gums.

Teething jewelry has parts that that separate and then become a choking hazard. These include teething jewelry that is made of wood, silicone, or marble. Although may be promoted as teething jewelry, they can be very dangerous for your child and should not be used at all.

Another thing to avoid is any medicine used to numb the gums. The risks associated with the medication far outweigh any benefits the baby may experience. Benzocaine, a chemical found in many over the counter medications can produce a condition called methemoglobinemia, which can result in the blood not being released the oxygen to different areas of the body. Methemoglobinemia can be hereditary, and can also be caused by certain foods, and drugs, such as those that contain benzocaine. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this condition can be acquired by anyone, but those 6 months and younger are more prone to develop the drug-induced form of methemoglobinemia.

Although the above methods are discouraged there are still some ways for you to help you teething child.

Two time-honored ways the FDA does give the green light for using are: using a clean finger to rub across the baby’s gums; the second is to use a solid teething ring made from hard rubber or plastic.