Nokia Cellphone owners, there is a free cellphone app for you to share with your children.   At the Nokia store you can download Sesame Street 100th Days of School app.   If you are not sure that your phone is a compatible with the app there is an area on the website that lets you check for your phone to see if will be supported.

This app is a narrated story that included Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and other Sesame Street friends celebrating the 100th day of school.   Even if you kid is not in school yet or if they are and the 100th day of school is has already passed, this is a great app to have.  Following along while the narrator reads the book aloud is great way to promote reading.

If you do not have a Nokia Phone and are interested in having a 100th Day of School book you can always purchase it online from the Sesame Street e-book store.

Simple Ways to Celebrate 100th Day of School

All across the country the 100th day of school is promoted in classroom.    Children, parents, and teachers can find great ways to celebrate.   Some activities that you can do at home with your child may include counting to 100; you can count by 1s, 2s,5s, and 10s to make it interesting.     If you child is learning to write, you can also practice writing the number 100 on a sheet of paper.