A man who thought that the weight gain of his wife was due to quitting smoking was surprised when his wife went into labor. A 911 dispatcher talked the man through the process of delivering the baby. Although the woman has 3 other children, she did not know that she was pregnant.

There are so many cases of women not knowing that they are pregnant until they do go into labor. Each pregnancy is unique and so even though the woman in this story did have other children, she may have not felt all of the same symptoms she felt with her previous pregnancies. Sometimes a woman will not seem to look pregnant or as far along as she really is at the time. There are some pregnant bellies that look small and round and then there are those that are huge. The story mentioned that the mom had put on a few pounds. This seems to be one for show for “I did not know I was Pregnant” on the cable station. Thank God both baby and mom are doing well. The baby and mom in this story were taken to a local hospital and both are doing fine.

Source: Associated Press