Ali Landry at the 16th Annual MovieGuide Faith and Values Awards Gala

Ali Landry and her husband Alejandro Monteverde just welcomed a new baby to their family. According to, he couple’s son Marcelo Alejandro was born on October 8th. He joins big sister 4 year-old Estela Ines.

Ali Landry came to national attention after she appeared on a Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl in 1998. Her career in front of an audience began way before that; Landry is a former beauty pageant queen that was crowned Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.

Landry’s life as a pageant queen is behind her as she concentrates on acting and one of her most important roles of being a mother. She posted on Facebook how happy she and her family are to welcome their new baby boy. She also congratulated Tori Spelling on the birth of her baby girl.

Hello everyone! I would like to thank everyone for the best welcoming wishes any mom could ever wish for! Thank you my fans from, my friends, my daughter and my dear husband for making this an unforgettable moment. We are head over heels in love with our precious little boy! You will soon be able to see him! I also would like to welcome Tori’s little girl Hattie who was also born yesterday! Such a happy day for both of us! Have a perfect week everyone! I know I will have! 🙂