According to a report Jessica Simpson has signed a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with her baby daughter.   She was highly criticized about her weight when she was pregnant, but she was also criticized about her weight before was pregnant.   Now everyone has had their opinion on how she should have worked out and she should not have gained so much weight.   Looking at all the negative attention,  I just have to thank God I was not in the public eye when I was pregnant with any of my children.  There are many reasons why women gain extra weight when they are pregnant, and we do not know specifics of Simpson’s health during her pregnancy.    Although many say that she is a celebrity and can afford the personal chef, that celebrity also brings a huge amount of scrutiny about every little pound that she has gained.   Now that she does have the added pounds she has been hitting the gym and working hard to lose the weight and get the $3 million paycheck.