BoyblackWhiteSesame Street released videos, and other resources to help families dealing with the difficulties that that children experience as parents divorce.   One California family lawyer,B.Robert Farzad, applauds the effort Sesame Street has made to help children and has now decided to point parents in the direction of this free resource as they go through this transitional time.   Divorce can be tough for the spouses involved, but it can be a lot tougher for the children involved.       Parents should be aware that the divorce will have an effect on their child, even though the child does not verbally express their emotions to others.  Sesame Street’s divorce kit is just one of the resources that families may use ; other options like counseling has helped children and adults express themselves to one another in a contrastive manner.   There are also support groups at churches and community centers that offer a support for families that are going through or have gone through divorce.   Divorce is not something that families have to navigate through alone.