When the holidays roll around parents are planning to find the perfect gift for their child.   There are many different options when it comes to toys, clothes, electronics, or even furniture.   But some children, because of financial difficulties, will not be getting toys this Christmas.    Even when the economy is spectacular,   there are families that cannot afford to give their child a present.   Now as we continue to dig ourselves out of the economic crises that the United States and the world have faced the last few years, there are fewer people able to donate gifts and more people in need of donations.    Several different organizations are working to make sure that every child gets to receive a gift.       Toys for Tots has been around for years and continues to serve the community with their toy donations.     You can visit there website to find out how to donate toys and how to request toys.     The Salvation Army also collects and distributes toys to children.   Along with these large organizations, there are smaller local organizations that also collect decorations in your community where you can help others or find assistance for your family.