We know that we could find Muppets on Sesame Street, but who would of thought we could also find them on Mercury.    NASA has posted an image taken of the surface of Mercury that shows several craters that seem to have a resemblance to Cookie Monster.   You can see for yourself and be the judge.

Craters Taken on Mercury that Look Like Cookie Monster
Photo of craters on Mercury that Look Like Cookie Monster. Taken by NASA

The picture was uploaded by NASA to their Flickr account and I would have to say that even those living on Mercury cannot get enough of Cookie Monster (LOL).   We may have already thought that “C was for cookies”,   but from this NASA photo we can see that C can as be for crater.    For those that are always looking for a teaching moment, here is one handing right to you.   This is a great time to get your child interested in Earth and space science.   In fact NASA has a whole section on their website that is created for children.