Turning ten is cool for any little girl. Dora the Explorer is 10 and she is celebrating in many different ways. A new Dora “We Did It” doll is being introduced, that has more features than its predecessor. This new doll is part of celebrating 10 years of Dora the Explorer. In 2002 we were first introduced to the original Dora “We Did It” doll. Now in 2010 the Dora the Explorer “We Did It” doll is taking advantage of the advancement in technology.

The original Dora doll sang the “We Did It” song and swayed back and forth to the music. Eight years of technological advances later, Fisher-Price turns the new Dora doll into a truly magical experience as Dora comes to life like never before. This year, Dora moves her arms, swings her beautiful long hair and swivels her body to the beat as she teaches kids the steps to her signature dance and engages them with four modes of interactive play: Teach-Me (where Dora teaches kids the “We Did It!” Dance), “We Did It!” Dance, Freeze Dance, and Say It Two Ways bilingual dance game.