Facebook has a place where people can share detail of their lives (sometimes more details than others really want to know). Now parents can share more about the new lives becoming part of their families. Facebook is allowing parents to add their unborn child as part of the profile. You have the option of adding the name of the unborn baby and also the expected due date of the baby.

Some say that Facebook may be taking it a bit far, but if you have been on Facebook or the internet for more than ten seconds you know that people have been making announcements about their unborn children way before the expecting option became a part of Facebook. What some may look at as oversharing, others consider an outpouring of emotion an joy; they are extremely excited about their news and want to share it with the world.

Even celebrities have taken to the social networking sites to announce pregnancies and arrival of a new bundle. Tori and Dean announced they were expecting their third child on Twitter, while Jessica Alba announced her most recent pregnancy on Facebook. Twitter and Facebook have changed the way celebrities, wanna-be celebrities, and non-celebrities announce the new additions to their family.