There is a new rocking Elmo coming this fall.   “Let’s Rock” is a new interactive Sesame Street Elmo toy that comes with a microphone, drums, and a tambourine.  Elmo knows how to sing several different songs and he also can play the two instruments that come along with him.   There are also small instruments that can be purchased separately that are designed for young children.  These  toy instruments have buttons that play different tunes and songs.   The “Let’s Rock” Elmo is interactive when he hears the toy instruments being played.       The instruments to be released in the fall are: Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar, Let’s Rock Grover Microphone, and Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard.  The “Let’s Rock” Elmo has a retail price of $69.99; The Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar has a retail price of $19.99; The Let’s Rock Grover Microphones retail for $14.99; The Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard retail for $19.99.     Each of these toys is appropriate for children 18 months and older.