If you have watched the PBS Sprout’s cable channel,  you have seen their iconic character Chica.  Chica has been a part of the morning show on both the weekend and weekdays.   Although she he plays along with human hosts to  interact with the television audience, Chica does all her  audible communication by squeaking while appearing on “The Sunny  Side Up Show.”     In her new program, “The Chica Show”  , there will be live action and animation.  We see live action while Chica is working her family’s costume shop, and then she and her friends turn into animation after the shop is closed.   This sound similar to other shows like “Blue’s Clues”, which was done in an opposite way:  Blue, the dog spoke when he was a puppet;  but he did not speak when he was an animated character.    You will notice a familiar voice when the show first appears the Saturday after Thanksgiving.       Mario Lopez will be the voice behind one of Chica’s friends.  You can watch the first episode on November 24th at  11:30 a.m. ET.