PigeonPigeons are a favorite type of bird for Bert.   In fact, he has a pet bird that he calls Bernice.   In Bert’s mind Bernice can do many different things and has talents far beyond the average bird.  Whether or not that is true,  we do know that pigeons have many great and unique traits.

Pigeon belong to the Columbidae family of birds.  Columbidae family of birds also includes the dove.   Both the dove and the pigeon have some unique traits that are very admirable.   With this group of birds, the mother and father work together to help raise their young.

Bert is not the only one that has a great appreciation f the pigeon.  We are not talking about those that work and live near these birds and offer them portions of their lunch.    Organizations exist for those that love the pigeon.  One group, the National Pigeon Association has been established since 1920, long before Sesame Street aired its first episode in 1929.    We are not sure if Bert is a member of the association, but it would not surprise us if he was.

Even in his group of one, Bert has demonstrated a love of pigeon.  There are example like his song and dance “Doin’ the Pigeon.”   On the PBS Sprout program, “Play with me Sesame”,    Bert does several games that include pigeons.

Just like Elmo has Dortothy and Ernie has Duckie, Bert has his love his pet Bernice and all her pigeon friends.

Sesame Street Video of Bert Doin’ the Pigeon