Results for the top apps from the Apple store was reported that ended May 28th and Potty Time Elmo was #10 for top paid iPad apps.      The app is demonstrates using the potty and it one of the tools that parents can use to get their children interested in using the potty.    The app sells for  $2.99 at the app store and has many favorable reviews.   Some parents have said they are disappointed by the app; one buy said that there was more narration and singing by adult voices than by the Elmo voice Overall most buyers were satisfied with the  purchase; one satisfied reviewer said that the app seemed to get her child interested in potty training again.

For other there are many other potty training items that you can use to help your child while he/she is potty training.  Sesame street does have numerous potty training books, seats, and videos.  There also other resources that may interest parents.

Pull-ups has downloaded coloring pages and charts for potty training.  They also have a free iGo Potty app that is available for those that.  You can also order a free potty training DVD.