For parents seeking out infertility treatment their goal is to have medicine help them have a healthy child. The ultimate goal of having healthy children may be diminished as the amount of babies that the mom is pregnant with increases. The more babies that an expectant mother is carrying the earlier she will have to deliver those babies. There are potential complications to both the mother and the baby.

Doctors have been working to find ways to provide viable pregnancies for infertile couples, while reducing the amount babies that the moms have to carry. Scientist in Sweden believe they have a method that will provide a solution that doctor’s worldwide have been looking for.

Using there method, reduced the amount of twins from 26% of pregnancies to 1.9% of pregnancies. With the goal of reducing the amount of twin pregnancies there also came a slight decrease in live births from 29.1% to 24.6%.

In years to come we will have to see if the method is adopted at more infertility clinics and whether the same results are replicated.

More information about this topic can found in an article from the AFP