Sesame Street started out in the United States, but now its reach has extended to several nations around the world.  These shows contain many of their cultural traits that make it more relatable to the children in each of the individual countries.  Now curious fans of Sesame Street can watch full-length episodes of several different international Sesame Street themed shows on demand at 

Some of the shows include:

  • Takalani Sesame from South Africa, featuring Kami, the world’s first HIV-positive Muppet. Kami’s role is to help promote age-appropriate messages concerning the humanization, de-stigmatization and acceptance of people living with HIV, and encourage open discussion about coping with illness and loss; 
  • Sesame Tree from Northern Ireland, encouraging children to explore and appreciate the world around them, and promoting respect and understanding of self and others; 
  • Galli Galli Sim Sim from India, emphasizing the vibrant cultural heritage of children living in-country; and 
  • Alam SimSim from Egypt, educating and promoting the importance for young girls to develop a positive self image and positive self esteem.