With a television show as popular as Sesame Street it is no wonder it has made its way into Pop art for children and adults.   The characters, that everyone seems to know, has been a part of world culture and inspired many different creative projects.  That was evident with the many art pieces at an art exhibit at the Known Gallery  in Los Angeles, California.   Proceeds from sales of pieces from the exhibit are used to benefit the Pediatric department of the City of Hope, a cancer center just north of Los Angeles.

This is definitely a beautiful cause that anyone would be proud to be part of.   You can view some of the art exhibited in the YouTube video posted below.   Some of the art you wouldn’t think of putting in your preschooler’s room because they are a bit edgier than what you are used to watching on Sesame Street.  Nevertheless, there were some great pieces that were some cool and fun.  You can see some humorous and thoughtful renditions of some the characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, The Count, and Snuffy.