Sesame Street began in the United States, but that original idea has now spread to countries across the world. Sesame Street has now been adapted to reach the children in Pakistan. Through a $20 million grant from USAID Sesame Street will be airing on several channels across Pakistan.

In a press release from last year said:

The Rafi Peer Theater Workshop-Pakistan and Sesame Workshop-USA will create puppet-based television programs for children, as well as radio programs for children, mothers and other caregivers. Starting April 2011, seventy eight Urdu language television episodes and 13 episodes in each of the four major provincial languages will broadcast throughout Pakistan. The same number of radio programs will be developed and broadcast as well. The project will also bring 600 live puppet performances and video shows to various rural areas. In addition, the project will work to include out-of-school children in various educational activities.