Sesame Street with the use of their Muppets have be reaching out to military families to help them as they deal with the changes that being deployed can bring to a family. Not only do the topics that Sesame Street cover concern deployment, but they also talk about the changes to the family as moms and dads come home from being deployed. Sesame Street Muppets are shown to experience some of the same changes that children must face. Elmo, with the help of his Sesame Street friends, has to adjust once his dad has to go away and serve in the military. Rosita must also deal with change that happens when her fathered is injured and must now use a wheelchair. These resources for children will continue to be available.

Talk, Listen, Connect has many different resources for families. There are videos of Muppets and real life children that in military families. There are also coloring pages. Visit: for additional information.