We know that Sesame Street likes to promote healthy. Even Cookie Monster shocked the whole preschool world when he announced that cookies are a sometimes food.

Not only are the folks at Sesame Street talking about healthy foods, they are giving recipes for healthy food in a recipe app by iCookbook. iCookbook is a app that costs $4.99 and it comes with many different recipes, and they do say that new recipes are being added regularly at no additional cost. There are some recipes, like the Sesame Street themed ones, that will require an additional fee. In the case of the Sesame Street recipes, they can be purchased for $2.99.
These recipes are supposed to be silly and fun to make with children. Some of the recipes are: Oscar’s SCRAM-bled Egg & Zucchini Pie and Big Bird’s Little Nests.

You can purchase this app for many different devices including those that work with apps from the apple app store, the android play store, and the windows store.

I have not personally tried this app. I would love to hear about any experience that you have had, so please leave any comments below and let us know about your experience.