Sesame Street is not about politics, but it has involuntarily been tossed into the political realm.  During the last presidential debate, Mitt Romney brought up the fact he would try to cut federal funding to PBS if he is elected.  That brought out an ad from the Obama campaign that mocked Mitt Romney going after Big Bird and PBS.   Sesame Workshop then asked  that the political ad be stopped.

Well, now two new faces are behind a rally called the “Million Puppet March,”  that will occur in Washington D.C.       Originally the rally was to be called the “Million Muppet March”, has changed its name but not its purpose.     The event is in support of not just Sesame Street, but also for those that want to show their support of  public television.     Many have pledged to attend the rally on November 3, 2012 in Washington D.C.   You can find out more about the event by visiting .